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Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak (1885 - 1971)
Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt Heinrich Goldschmidt Jakob Pollak Aron (Arnold) Pollak Rozalia (Rosalie) Blau Leonore (Lori) Grunhut Anton Grunhut Eva (Chawele) Porjes Moses Porjes Levioh Levioli
Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak
Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt += Heinrich Goldschmidt
Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt Heinrich Goldschmidt
b. 01 Apr 1885 at Cologne, Germany
m. Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt (1883 - 1977)
d. 08 Nov 1971 at Long Beach, CA, USA aged 86
Events in Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak (1885 - 1971)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
01 Apr 1885 Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak was born Cologne, Germany
08 Nov 1971 86 Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak died Long Beach, CA, USA
Burial Los Angeles, CA, USA
Personal Notes:
She was apprenticed as a seamstress at 14; then she was trained to keep house by her mother before her marriage in 1908. During World War I, she went back to making blouses.
After the war, she was in business with her husband. She was the contact and did all business with the wholesalers in Berlin.
Arrived in the USA on SS Scythia (Cunard) 2 January 1934.
In New York City, she was a custom dressmaker in partnership with her husband. They made copies of the dresses in the upscale department stores for their clients.