Index of surnames
Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt (1883 - 1977)
Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak Heinrich Goldschmidt
Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt
Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak += Heinrich Goldschmidt
Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak Heinrich Goldschmidt
b. 29 Mar 1883 at Bad Hersfeld, Hessen, Germany
m. Charlotte (Lotti) Pollak (1885 - 1971)
d. 06 Dec 1977 at Los Angeles, CA, USA aged 94
Events in Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt (1883 - 1977)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
29 Mar 1883 Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt was born Bad Hersfeld, Hessen, Germany
06 Dec 1977 94 Max (Mordechai) Goldschmidt died Los Angeles, CA, USA
Burial Los Angeles, CA, USA
Personal Notes:
He was a men's tailor before the war in partnership with his wife's brother-in-law Isidor Schwartz (as Schwartz und Goldschmidt). He apprenticed in Fulda, and later in Berlin-Neukolln.
He was in the German army during World War I as a cannonier in the Russian campaign 1914-1915, then as a tailor in Pferde-Lazarett ("Horse Hospital") (Veterinary corps) in Belgium until 1918.
After World War 1 he was a contract dressmaker for wholesale until 1933, in partnership with his wife.
Arrived in the USA (New York City) on SS Scythia (Cunard) January 2, 1934.
Lived in Bronx, New York until 1940; in New York City until 1960; in Long Beach until 1971.
Became a custom dressmaker with his wife in New York until around 1960. Retired to Long Beach, California.

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