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Picture of some of the Pollak siblings with their spouses.

Berlin 1905

Bertha Pollak, Walter Kaminsky, Isidor Schwarz, Gustav Simon, Lydia Simon, Ludwig Pollak
Charlotte Pollak, Valerie Pollak, Regina Pollak, Rosa Pollak

Of 8,000 individuals and 2,527 marriages, 4,501 pages are online.
For reasons of privacy, people still living are excluded.

This site went online in May 2000 with information on 558 individuals which had been passed down to us in writing by our ancestors.

We continue to find and be found by relatives whose data we connect and add. This rapid growth and our documentation here, ensures the preservation of our extended family history.

Our ancestral lines from Poland, Lithuania and Prussia/Germany are Kaminsky, Holdstein, Eger, Lande, Levy and Lehmann. From Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are Pollak, Grunhut, Blau, Porges and Levioli. Mostly from Baden-Wurttemberg and Hessen in Germany are Lindauer, Liebmann, Guggenheim, Wormser, Cahn, Lemle, Gabriel, Hayum, Flegenheimer, Kahn, Dreifuss, Mannheimer, Freund, Maier, Marx, Nathan, Rosenbusch, Katz, Strauss, Bernhard, Lowenstein and Lenneberg.

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