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Sissel Lindauer (1780 - 1849)
Esther Liebmann Maier Lindauer Veis Lindauer Samson Lindauer Meier ?
Sissel Lindauer
b. 1780
m. 1809 Esther Liebmann (1786 - 1851)
d. 11 Dec 1849 at Menzingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany aged 69
Events in Sissel Lindauer (1780 - 1849)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1780 Sissel Lindauer was born
11 Dec 1849 69 Sissel Lindauer died Menzingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Burial grave 25, Jewish Cemetery, Oberöwisheim, Germany
Personal Notes:
According to Otto Becher his name was Maier Süsle Lindauer and he lived from 1780 to 1844.

Translation of documents in the possession of one of his descendants:

The local protected Jew Sässel Meier, 28 years old, unmarried, according to today's proceedings, has assumed for himself and for his future family the inheritable surname of Lindauer, keeping his former name as his given name. In certification of this, the current certificate of his civil standing is issued.
May 9, 1809
Office of the Baron of Menzingen

"Menzingen in the Craichgau
Through a decree issued April 7, 1807 by the esteemed guardianship of the Menzingen baron, local protection is graciously granted to the single - unmarried - son of legal age of the former cantor Meier here, by name Säsel/Süsel Meier, based on his obedient request, in exchange for which he is to pay yearly an 18 Gulden tribute to the treasury of the local lord.

This is hereby certified to same individual by power of the letter of protection.
Menzingen, April 19, 1807
In the name of the Guardianship Bailiff of the Baron of Menzingen