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Sinclair Lewis Stone (1942 - 2015)
Hans Kaminsky Walter Kaminsky Aron Kaminsky Emma Levy Valerie (Walli) Pollak Jakob Pollak Leonore (Lori) Grunhut Dorothy Theresa (Doris) Long Alfred Long Beatrice Edwards
Sinclair Lewis Stone
b. 26 Jul 1942 at Johannesburg, South Africa
m. Living
d. 13 Jan 2015 aged 72
Events in Sinclair Lewis Stone (1942 - 2015)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
26 Jul 1942 Sinclair Lewis Stone was born Johannesburg, South Africa
13 Jan 2015 72 Sinclair Lewis Stone died
Personal Notes:
Had polio at about age two or three. His father gave him a bicycle with which to exercise his legs. After having an operation he could walk.