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Salomon Blumenfeld (1878 - )
Amalie Merle (Malchen) Levi Giedel (Gelle) Blumenfeld Jenny Blumenfeld Hilde Blumenfeld Moses Blumenfeld Itzig Blumenfeld Gelle Strauss Hone (Haune) Strauss Dussel Lowenstein Sara Stern
Salomon Blumenfeld
b. 30 Jun 1878
m. 30 Aug 1905 Amalie Merle (Malchen) Levi (1881 - )
d. Y
Events in Salomon Blumenfeld (1878 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
30 Jun 1878 Salomon Blumenfeld was born
Personal Notes:
Merchant in Kirchhain and Town Councillor from 1924 to 1933.
On 10 Nov 1938 he and other Kirchhain Jews were arrested and sent to Buchenwald. On his release in Mar 1939 he and his wife emigrated to Brasil and settled in Rio de Janeiro.