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Scholem (Salomon) Strauss (1826 - )
Breunchen Stern Lisette (Sarchen) Linz Regine Strauss Flora (Frummet) Strauss Dinchen Strauss Betty Strauss Selma (Suschen) Strauss Meyer Strauss Berta Strauss Baruch Strauss Hone (Haune) Strauss Meier ? Rifka (Rebekka) daughter of Baruch Dussel Lowenstein Frommel Katz
Scholem (Salomon) Strauss
b. 18 Jul 1826
m. (1) Breunchen Stern
m. (2) 05 Nov 1864 Lisette (Sarchen) Linz (1839 - )
d. Y
Events in Scholem (Salomon) Strauss (1826 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
18 Jul 1826 Scholem (Salomon) Strauss was born
Personal Notes:
Another source has his marriage date to Lisette Linz as 15 Mar.
First lived in Amoneburg, then in Marburg. "With Scholem's as well as that of Meyer A. Strauss' departure, the last members of the Strauss family to leave Amoneburg for Marburg in 1898, the Jewish community of Amoneburg was disbanded. After the synagogue was donated to the provincial Rabbi Dr. Munk in Marburg, the Stern family's house ("Haus der Familie Stern") in Amoneberg was sold as a residential property. The inventory was taken to the Kirchhain synagogue and from there, in part to the synagogue in Kirtorf."