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Moses Flegenheimer (1862 - 1939)
Emma Löwenthal Anna Flegenheimer Martha Flegenheimer Helene Flegenheimer Elizabeth (Lise) Flegenheimer Joseph Flegenheimer Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer Moses ? Wife of Moses ? Taub Kahn Gerson Kahn Wife of Gerson Kahn Karoline (Kelle) Prager Wolf Samuel Prager Samuel ? Hine ? Marie (Mädel) Löb Moises Löb Karoline Kramer
Moses Flegenheimer
b. 30 May 1862 at Hilsbach, Germany
m. Emma Löwenthal (1870 - 1932)
d. 29 Oct 1939 at Stuttgart, Germany aged 77
Events in Moses Flegenheimer (1862 - 1939)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
30 May 1862 Moses Flegenheimer was born Hilsbach, Germany
29 Oct 1939 77 Moses Flegenheimer died Stuttgart, Germany
Personal Notes:
Lived in Stuttgart. In the grain and distillery business - Firma Flegenheimer & Maier - with his brother-in-law Samuel Maier. Many years president of commodity exchange in Stuttgart.
Remembered by his granddaughter Ellen as follows:
"Although he became very rich (so I was told), he never forgot his modest beginnings and lived a rather frugal life. Every Sunday we were expected to visit and would receive pocket money of 1 Mark. He always asked what you had spent last week's allowance on. You had better not say something frivolous like "candy" or there would be no allowance that Sunday. I used to save for pretty shoes which my parents would not buy, we only got sensible shoes which I found ugly."