Index of surnames
Moritz Schaumberg (1869 - 1943)
Rosa Kaufmann Siegmund Schaumberg Frieda Schaumberg Isaak Schaumberg Gutrod Gutroth Strauss Hirsch Strauss Hone (Haune) Strauss Dussel Lowenstein Vogel Stiefel
Moritz Schaumberg
b. 16 Sep 1869 at Schweinsberg, Germany
m. Rosa Kaufmann (1878 - 1943)
d. 28 Jan 1943 at Theresienstadt CC., Czech Republic aged 73
Events in Moritz Schaumberg (1869 - 1943)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
16 Sep 1869 Moritz Schaumberg was born Schweinsberg, Germany
28 Jan 1943 73 Moritz Schaumberg died Theresienstadt CC., Czech Republic
Personal Notes:
Moved to Kirchhain in 1901. Living in Kirchhain in 1909. Moved to Warburg on 9 Jun 1933.
In the Strauss book it has that he was born on 16 Oct 1870.
He was deported from Munster to Theresienstadt on 31 Jul 1942 and murdered there.