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Marianne Wormser (1823 - 1900)
Aron Reis Hanna Reis Gustav Reis Elise Reis Isaac Samuel Wormser Samuel Isaac Guggenheim Isaac Samuel (Sanwill) Guggenheim Wife of Isaac Samuel (Sanwill) Guggenheim Elkele Simon Cahn Simon Cahn Wife of Simon Cahn Sheinle Ephraim Ephraim Leis Bunte Moses
Marianne Wormser
b. 13 Dec 1823 at Aldingen, Germany
m. 31 Mar 1847 Aron Reis (1820 - 1888)
d. 22 Jul 1900 at Pittsburgh, PA, USA aged 76
Events in Marianne Wormser (1823 - 1900)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
13 Dec 1823 Marianne Wormser was born Aldingen, Germany
22 Jul 1900 76 Marianne Wormser died Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Personal Notes:
Might have been born the 18th.