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Mathilde (Minna) Flegenheimer (1851 - )
Samuel Maier Josef Maier Marie Maier Therese Maier Gustav Maier Joseph Flegenheimer Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer Moses ? Wife of Moses ? Taub Kahn Gerson Kahn Wife of Gerson Kahn Karoline (Kelle) Prager Wolf Samuel Prager Samuel ? Hine ? Marie (Mädel) Löb Moises Löb Karoline Kramer
Mathilde (Minna) Flegenheimer
b. 16 Jun 1851 at Tairnbach, Germany
m. Samuel Maier
d. Y at Stuttgart, Germany
Events in Mathilde (Minna) Flegenheimer (1851 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
16 Jun 1851 Mathilde (Minna) Flegenheimer was born Tairnbach, Germany
Y Mathilde (Minna) Flegenheimer died (no date) Stuttgart, Germany
Personal Notes:
Lived in Stuttgart.
Remembered by her grand niece Ellen as follows:
"Mathilde was already very old when I was a little girl and she used to give us candy which was half melted and tasted awful, but we were told we had to pretend to eat it to be polite."