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Margarete (Martha) Katz (1906 - )
Max Jacobsohn Moritz Katz Antonie (Toni) Blumenfeld Moses Blumenfeld Abraham Blumenfeld Giedel Strauss Fanny Bachrach
Margarete (Martha) Katz
b. 17 Sep 1906 at Marburg, Germany
m. 26 Jan 1938 Max Jacobsohn
d. Y
Events in Margarete (Martha) Katz (1906 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
17 Sep 1906 Margarete (Martha) Katz was born Marburg, Germany
Personal Notes:
Another source has her birth date as the 14th.
Lived in Marburg until 1938 and with her husband moved to Halberstadt on 31 Jan 1938.
Emigrated to Palestine.