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Manfred Ermann (1923 - )
Adolf Ermann Dora Lindauer Moritz Lindauer Samson Lindauer Ernestine (Ester) Wormser Elisa Flegenheimer Gerson Flegenheimer Babette Dreifuss
Manfred Ermann
Manfred Ermann
Manfred Ermann
b. 21 Apr 1923
d. Y
Events in Manfred Ermann (1923 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
21 Apr 1923 Manfred Ermann was born
Personal Notes:
From the book "Juden in Wittlich - 1808-1942" by Maria Wein Mehs (1996): "Had Zionist leanings and went to Urfeld, Kreis Bonn to a Hachscharah (preparation camp) where he learnt gardening." Apparently those at that camp were deported to concentration camp.