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Lob Strauss (1807 - 1869)
Betti (Beile) Stilling Meier Strauss Sprinz Strauss Jacob Strauss Rifke (Riekchen) Strauss Hone (Haune) Strauss Meier ? Rifka (Rebekka) daughter of Baruch Baruch son of David Giedel daughter of Feist Dussel Lowenstein
Lob Strauss
b. Jul 1807
m. 1834 Betti (Beile) Stilling (1814 - 1874)
d. Jun 1869 aged 61
Events in Lob Strauss (1807 - 1869)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
Jul 1807 Lob Strauss was born
Jun 1869 61 Lob Strauss died
Personal Notes:
Tinsmith ("Blechschmiede"). Representative of the Jewish community in Kirchhain.
"Lob was a very energetic man. In 1848, the common people ("Plebs") were causing disturbances of the peace and there were also excesses against the Jews. Lob, backed by 20 of Kirchhain's leading citizens, confronted them and called for order. Thereafter peace was restored to Kirchhain."