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Leopold (Löw) (Arye) Flegenheimer (1827 - )
Sophia (Sisel) Kirchheimer Isidor Flegenheimer Sarah Flegenheimer Klara Flegenheimer Nathan Flegenheimer Moses Flegenheimer Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer Moses ? Wife of Moses ? Taub Kahn Gerson Kahn Wife of Gerson Kahn Dusette Mannheimer Mendel (Emanuel) Mannheimer Schenle (Nehenla) Freund
Leopold (Löw) (Arye) Flegenheimer
b. 05 Sep 1827 at Odenheim, Germany
m. 26 Jun 1855 Sophia (Sisel) Kirchheimer (1835 - ) at Odenheim, Germany
d. Y
Events in Leopold (Löw) (Arye) Flegenheimer (1827 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
05 Sep 1827 Leopold (Löw) (Arye) Flegenheimer was born Odenheim, Germany
Personal Notes:
Possible date of birth 9 May. It is possible that his name was Löb. Merchant. Moved to Heilbronn in either 1863 or 1865. Owned L. Flegenheimer Co. which sold agricultural products.