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Joseph (Jossel) Arnsdorf (1827 - 1894)
Baile Malke Niederlander Henriette Arnsdorf Moses Arnsdorf Leiser (Louis) Arnsdorf Max (Baron) Arnsdorf Moses Arnsdorf Lea Kaminsky Baruch Kamionski Nossen son of Esra Esther ? Drane ?
Joseph (Jossel) Arnsdorf
b. 1827
m. Baile Malke Niederlander
d. 1894 aged 67
Events in Joseph (Jossel) Arnsdorf (1827 - 1894)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1827 Joseph (Jossel) Arnsdorf was born
1894 67 Joseph (Jossel) Arnsdorf died
Personal Notes:
Settled in Vistytis, Lithuania. It is possible that he established the store there which bore the name "Moses Arnsdorf". Was supposedly orthodox Jewish and Zionist.
According to the notes of Fanny Kaminsky: "Grandfather of the family Sandelowsky in Königsberg".