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Julius (Yizhak) Rosenbusch (1886 - 1960)
Hilda Cohn Meier Rosenbusch Ephraim Rosenbusch Meier Rosenbusch Fradchen Goldschmidt Susschen Schloss Liebmann Schloss Merle Hoxter Jeanette Adler
Julius (Yizhak) Rosenbusch
b. 22 Aug 1886 at Borken, Hessen, Germany
m. Hilda Cohn (1897 - 1972)
d. 18 Feb 1960 at Hadera, Israel aged 73
Events in Julius (Yizhak) Rosenbusch (1886 - 1960)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
22 Aug 1886 Julius (Yizhak) Rosenbusch was born Borken, Hessen, Germany
18 Feb 1960 73 Julius (Yizhak) Rosenbusch died Hadera, Israel
Personal Notes:
Studied medicine at Marburg, Heidelberg and Berlin and opened a practice in Naugard, Pommerania in 1912. While a student he joined the Zionist Party and was also a member of Blau-Weis and Hasmonea organizations. He served in the German army during WWI and following the war he returned to Naugard and married his wife. In 1933 he and his family emigrated to Palestine and settled in Hadera. Information about Julius and his descendants was provided by Micha Cohn and Miriam Arzi.
Another source has his birthdate listed as 2 Aug and his name as Isaii.