Index of surnames
Joahanna (Hannchen) Kann (1833 - 1928)
Koppel Strauss Hermann (Hone) Strauss Isaak Strauss Salomon Strauss
Joahanna (Hannchen) Kann
b. Feb 1833 at Mainzlar, Germany
m. Nov 1855 Koppel Strauss (1831 - 1917)
d. 1928 aged 95
Events in Joahanna (Hannchen) Kann (1833 - 1928)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
Feb 1833 Joahanna (Hannchen) Kann was born Mainzlar, Germany
1928 95 Joahanna (Hannchen) Kann died
Personal Notes:
Extraordinarily religious, righteous and embracer of the truth. Chairlady of the organization of Jewish woman and after many years, as honorary chairlady, received an honorary certificate.