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Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer (1762 - 1832)
Taub Kahn ? Flegenheimer ? Flegenheimer Jesais Flegenheimer Gerson Flegenheimer Moses Flegenheimer Simon Flegenheimer Löw Flegenheimer Fratel Flegenheimer Joseph Flegenheimer Moses ? Wife of Moses ?
Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer
b. 10 Jul 1762 at Leutershausen, Germany
m. Taub Kahn (1766 - 1819)
d. 17 Mar 1832 aged 69
Events in Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer (1762 - 1832)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
10 Jul 1762 Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer was born Leutershausen, Germany
17 Mar 1832 69 Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer died
Burial grave 811, Waibstadt, Germany
Personal Notes:
Named Lazarus in the 'Familienbuch von Odenheim' (Odenheim family book).
Surname maybe Flehenheimer until 1835 - taken from the place Flehingen.
He was known as Israel ben Moses before 1804.
Lived in Tairnbach.
"Handelsjude" (Jewish merchant). "Fruchthandel und Metzger" (fruit merchant and butcher).