Index of surnames
Helene Flegenheimer (1893 - 1981)
Max Rothschild Robert Bernheim Lore Bernheim Moses Flegenheimer Joseph Flegenheimer Israel (Isidor) Flegenheimer Taub Kahn Karoline (Kelle) Prager Wolf Samuel Prager Marie (Mädel) Löb Emma Löwenthal
Helene Flegenheimer
b. 1893
m. (1) Max Rothschild ( - 1950)
m. (2) Robert Bernheim (1882 - 1970)
d. 1981 aged 88
Events in Helene Flegenheimer (1893 - 1981)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1893 Helene Flegenheimer was born
1981 88 Helene Flegenheimer died
Personal Notes:
She lived in Berlin. In 1933 she went to France. She managed to escape the Germans by walking across the Pyrenees to Portugal and was able to find a ship to take her to New York in 1943. Divorced.