Index of surnames
Haune Rosenbusch (1810 - 1895)
Jeanette (Sarchen) Vogel Josef Rosenbusch Bonum Rosenbusch Moses Rosenbusch Ephraim Rosenbusch ? Rosenbusch Marianne Rosenbusch Meier Rosenbusch ? Rosenbusch Isaac Rosenbusch ? Rosenbusch Meier Rosenbusch Josef Rosenbusch Wife of Josef Rosenbusch Fradchen Goldschmidt
Haune Rosenbusch
b. 1810
m. 14 Feb 1844 Jeanette (Sarchen) Vogel (1817 - 1912)
d. 29 May 1895 at Borken, Hessen, Germany aged 85
Events in Haune Rosenbusch (1810 - 1895)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1810 Haune Rosenbusch was born
29 May 1895 85 Haune Rosenbusch died Borken, Hessen, Germany
Personal Notes:
The descendants of Haune Rosenbusch and Särchen as listed here were identified from records of births, deaths and marriages in the Jewish community of Borken as transcribed from records at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem. Leslie Rosenbusch Floyd has compiled a Rosenbusch family tree (Floyd Rosenbusch Tree) that identifies Josef and Sara rather than Haune and Särchen as the parents of 5 children (Ben, Fred, Meier, Isaac, and Josef). Both trees identify Isaac as married to Fanny Marx. All information presented here about the descendants of Isaac and Fanny is taken from the Floyd Rosenbusch tree. Based on normal naming practices, it seems unlikely that Josef and Sara would have named one of their children Josef. Because Sara and Särchen are likely the same person, the main difference between these two trees is the identity of the husband of Sara/Särchen. In this version, Josef is the son of Sara/Särchen rather than her husband. In the Floyd Rosenbusch tree, Josef is the husband of Dina Rosenbusch.