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Gerhard Sandelowsky (1909 - )
Lucy Cohn Siegmund Sandelowsky Benjamin Sandelowsky Israel Sandelowsky Wife of Israel Sandelowsky Henrietta Arnsdorff Israel Arnsdorf Ernestine Hirsch Margarete Arnsdorff Marcus (Max) Arnsdorff Israel Arnsdorf Ernestine Hirsch Rosalie Simon
Gerhard Sandelowsky
b. 16 Jan 1909 at Krylovo, Kaliningrad district, Russia
m. Lucy Cohn (1912 - ) at Berlin, Germany
Events in Gerhard Sandelowsky (1909 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
16 Jan 1909 Gerhard Sandelowsky was born Krylovo, Kaliningrad district, Russia
Personal Notes:
Became Gerhard Sanders. In 1938 to South West Africa and then to South Africa. In 1960 to San Francisco.