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Fanny Kaminsky (1870 - 1942)
Aron Kaminsky Marcus Kaminsky Leib Kaminski Sara Holdstein Rose Lande Emma Levy Meyer Levy Wilhelmine Lehmann
Fanny Kaminsky
Fanny Kaminsky
Fanny Kaminsky
b. 06 Aug 1870 at Ketrzyn, Poland
d. 10 Apr 1942 at Leeds, United Kingdom aged 71
Events in Fanny Kaminsky (1870 - 1942)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
06 Aug 1870 Fanny Kaminsky was born Ketrzyn, Poland
10 Apr 1942 71 Fanny Kaminsky died Leeds, United Kingdom
15 Apr 1942 71 Burial grave 427, section X, Lawns Wood Cemetery, Headingley-cum-Burley, Leeds, United Kingdom
Personal Notes:
The details of the Kaminsky family are based on her documentation. She also wrote the following (in English): "My dear grand-aunt Dorothea Sladowsky who lived in Berlin some years before she died, liked to tell me and her daughter Jenny of her parents, brothers and sisters. She remembered also her grandparents and even what she had been told of more remote times by her grandmother. - We thought it worth while to write down part of what we had been told and thus, I hope, we have done a good deed for the generations to come of our family."
In 1888 she was living in Rastenburg (Ketrzyn) according to her signature in an autograph book owned by her nephew Louis.
She never married and had no children. After emigrating to the United Kingdom she worked as a music teacher and was employed as governess by Lord Moynihan.