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Eric Hirsch (1924 - 1938)
Husband of Paula Hirsch Paula Hirsch Gustav Hirsch Leopold Hirsch Dolzele (Ditzele, Therese, Doris) Wormser Emma Lindauer Samson Lindauer Ernestine (Ester) Wormser
Eric Hirsch
b. 07 Jun 1924 at Karlsruhe, Germany
d. 09 Nov 1938 at Esslingen, Germany aged 14
Events in Eric Hirsch (1924 - 1938)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
07 Jun 1924 Eric Hirsch was born Karlsruhe, Germany
09 Nov 1938 14 Eric Hirsch died Esslingen, Germany
Personal Notes:
Brought up in the Jewish Orphanage in Esslingen and died there when it was destroyed during the Kristalnacht.