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Elie (Eliahu) Munk (1900 - 1981)
Fanny Frumet Goldberger Miriam Munk Samuel Munk Elias Munk Wife of Elias Munk Amelie Strauss Isaak (Yitzchak) Strauss Baruch Strauss Frommel Katz Fanny Schwab
Elie (Eliahu) Munk
b. 15 Sep 1900 at Paris, France
m. Fanny Frumet Goldberger (1906 - 1979)
d. 24 May 1981 at New York, NY, USA aged 80
Events in Elie (Eliahu) Munk (1900 - 1981)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
15 Sep 1900 Elie (Eliahu) Munk was born Paris, France
24 May 1981 80 Elie (Eliahu) Munk died New York, NY, USA
Personal Notes:
Named after his grandfather Rabbi and assessor ("Rabbiner-Assessor") Elias Munk of Altona.
Was district Rabbi in Ansbach, Germany and later Rabbi of the "Adath Yereim" congregation in Paris, France.