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Brunhilde Speier (1921 - 2002)
Fred S. Aron Levi Speier Franziska Rosenbusch Josef Rosenbusch Herz (Naphtali) Rosenbusch Frommet Stern Johanna (Hannchen) Kanter
Brunhilde Speier
b. 1921
m. Fred S. Aron (1921 - 2008)
d. 2002 at Evanston, IL, USA aged 81
Events in Brunhilde Speier (1921 - 2002)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1921 Brunhilde Speier was born
2002 81 Brunhilde Speier died Evanston, IL, USA
Personal Notes:
Became known as Hilde.
In 1938 her parents obtained one exit visa and sent her to stay with her father's sister Rickchen Heilbrunn in Chicago.