Index of surnames
Berthold Bachrach (1887 - 1968)
Lucy Schamberg Elizabeth Baruch Bachrach Jakob Bachrach Berta Strauss Baruch Strauss Hone (Haune) Strauss Dussel Lowenstein Veilchen Rosenbusch Leib Levi (Yehuda) Rosenbusch Beile Katz
Berthold Bachrach
b. 03 Jan 1887 at Neustadt, Germany
m. Lucy Schamberg
d. Aug 1968 at New York City, NY, USA aged 81
Events in Berthold Bachrach (1887 - 1968)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
03 Jan 1887 Berthold Bachrach was born Neustadt, Germany
Aug 1968 81 Berthold Bachrach died New York City, NY, USA
Personal Notes:
Physician. He was briefly in a concentration camp but somehow got out and went to New York City where he had to sit the exams for his New York license to practice medicine. He practiced right up until his death.