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Baruch Kamionski (1766 - 1852)
Drane ? Lea Kaminsky Leib Kaminski Nossen son of Esra Esra ? ? ? Esther ?
Baruch Kamionski
b. 1766 at Kamionken, Poland
m. Drane ?
d. 1852 at Vistytis, Lithuania aged 86
Events in Baruch Kamionski (1766 - 1852)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1766 Baruch Kamionski was born Kamionken, Poland
1852 86 Baruch Kamionski died Vistytis, Lithuania
Personal Notes:
He would have had to adopt a surname in his lifetime and this would most probably have been Kamionski meaning from Kamionki. This surname is included in the synagogue donor lists from Vistytis for the years 1838 to 1873.
Owned an oil-mill.
"Vistytis is not far from the east-Prussian border on Lake Wystiten, source of the Pissa (which flows into the Pregel) and is south of Gydkuhnen."