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Annemaria (Titi) Grunhut (1905 - 1993)
Ezio Aletti Karl Grunhut Moritz Grunhut Anton Grunhut Eva (Chawele) Porjes Mali ? ? ?
Annemaria (Titi) Grunhut
b. 1905
m. Ezio Aletti (1896 - ) at Rome, Italy
d. 1993 at Rome, Italy aged 88
Events in Annemaria (Titi) Grunhut (1905 - 1993)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1905 Annemaria (Titi) Grunhut was born
1993 88 Annemaria (Titi) Grunhut died Rome, Italy
Personal Notes:
Uncertain if marriage took place in Rome.
Married, she was known as Mrs. Anna Maria Gruenhut Bartoletti Aletti.
She bequeathed her home, a late nineteenth-century liberty-style palazzo to the Jesuits, with the desire that it become a center of intercultural meeting and reflection.