Index of surnames
Alfred Kahn (1891 - )
Trude (Fanny) Bauer Annemarie (Anne) Kahn
Alfred Kahn
b. 07 Oct 1891
m. Trude (Fanny) Bauer (1905 - )
d. Y at Auschwitz-Birkenau CC., Poland
Events in Alfred Kahn (1891 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
07 Oct 1891 Alfred Kahn was born
Y Alfred Kahn died (no date) Auschwitz-Birkenau CC., Poland
Personal Notes:
Lived in Stuttgart. Went to Holland in 1938. There they are thought to have been friendly with Anne Frank's family.
Transported to Theresienstadt on 21 April 1943 and on 29 September 1944 to Auschwitz.