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Baruch Strauss (1800 - 1879)
Frommel Katz Veilchen Rosenbusch Salomon Strauss Susschen Strauss Rebecka Strauss Scholem (Salomon) Strauss Karoline (Gellchen) Strauss Koppel Strauss Meyer Baruch Strauss Isaak (Yitzchak) Strauss Ernestine (Esther) Strauss Hone (Hermann) Strauss Berta Strauss Dina Strauss Hone (Haune) Strauss Meier ? Rifka (Rebekka) daughter of Baruch Baruch son of David Giedel daughter of Feist Dussel Lowenstein
Baruch Strauss
b. Jan 1800 at Amöneburg, Hessen, Germany
m. (1) Frommel Katz (1799 - 1853)
m. (2) Veilchen Rosenbusch (1825 - 1893)
d. 01 Oct 1879 aged 79
Events in Baruch Strauss (1800 - 1879)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
Jan 1800 Baruch Strauss was born Amöneburg, Hessen, Germany
01 Oct 1879 79 Baruch Strauss died
Personal Notes:
Kreisvorsteher (representative of the community). "He was a very charitable man. He loaned money without interest to the poorer Jews of the region. Many impoverished people came to him for help. On one occasion, in a bad mood, he asked a Jew from Schweinsberg to leave without having given him any money. After a quarter of an hour, he regretted his actions and followed the man to shortly before Schweinsberg and gave him the money after all.
Then a poorJewish woman from Schweinsberg came to sell him cloth at a very low price so that she would have some money for her son to use for his emigration to America. Baruch declined the offer. The woman had originally paid 36 Taler for this cloth and when she unpacked the cloth on her return to Schweinsberg, she found 36 Taler which Baruch had wrapped up in the parcel.
He was very learned and very clever. He had never sworn on oath in a court of law and had never taken anyone of another faith to court. He took French lessons while growing up in Kirchhain. For his time, he was an extremely learned man. He was much loved and when, after 30 years, he resigned from the post of Kreisvorsteher of Kirchhain, a vote was taken and he was unanimously re-instated."