Index of surnames
Baruch son of David (1715 - 1751)
Giedel daughter of Feist Lob son of Baruch Meier son of Baruch Mendel son of Baruch Mordechei son of Baruch Rifka (Rebekka) daughter of Baruch David son of Lob Lob ? Wife of Lob ? Wife of David son of Lob
Baruch son of David
b. abt 1715 at Mainz, Germany
m. Giedel daughter of Feist at Mardorf, Hessen, Germany
d. 1751 aged 36
Events in Baruch son of David (1715 - 1751)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
abt 1715 Baruch son of David was born Mainz, Germany
1751 36 Baruch son of David died
Personal Notes:
Was a horse trader and served the Kurfurst(s) of Mainz well with his supply of horses. For this reason he was given permission to live and marry in another town and the Bishop recommended Mardorf, in the vicinity of Kirchhain.
It is documented that he paid half of the tax on Jews in 1714 which most probably means he arrived there in that year.
"This tree up to and including Baruch's children, was composed in Mardorf on Thursday 29th September 1853 by Baruch Strauss of Amoneburg and Lob Lion of Mardorf."