Index of surnames
Anton Grunhut ( - 1868)
Eva (Chawele) Porjes Fanschi Grunhut Julie Grunhut Moritz Grunhut Franz Grunhut Leonore (Lori) Grunhut
Anton Grunhut
Eva (Chawele) Porjes += Leonore (Lori) Grunhut
Eva (Chawele) Porjes Leonore (Lori) Grunhut
b. at Szenyer, Hungary
m. Eva (Chawele) Porjes (1818 - 1899)
d. May 1868
Events in Anton Grunhut ( - 1868)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
Anton Grunhut was born Szenyer, Hungary
May 1868 Anton Grunhut died
Personal Notes:
Merchant. Served as a soldier and trumpeteer. (This was told by his daughter Leonore to her daughter Valerie.) Possible place of death Bratislava, Slovakia.