Index of surnames
Abraham Blumenfeld (1811 - 1900)
Giedel Strauss Heinemann Blumenfeld Dusschen Blumenfeld Meier Blumenfeld Baruch Blumenfeld Scholem Blumenfeld Moses Blumenfeld Caroline (Gellchen) Blumenfeld
Abraham Blumenfeld
b. 1811
m. Giedel Strauss (1816 - 1890) at Momberg, Germany
d. 1900 aged 89
Events in Abraham Blumenfeld (1811 - 1900)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
1811 Abraham Blumenfeld was born
1900 89 Abraham Blumenfeld died
Personal Notes:
Chairman of the Jewish community and 'Chower' to Rabbi Strauss and Rabbi Dr. Munk.