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Maximilian E. Bloch (1890 - )
Heinrich Bloch Salomon Bloch Elisabeth Fleischer Esther Kaminsky Marcus Kaminsky Leib Kaminski Sara Holdstein Henriette Hirsch
Maximilian E. Bloch
b. May 1890 at Spokane, WA, USA
d. Y
Events in Maximilian E. Bloch (1890 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
May 1890 Maximilian E. Bloch was born Spokane, WA, USA
Personal Notes:
Became Maximilian E. Block.
1911-1917 collector for Phoenix Lumber Co., Spokane.
After his father's death he moved to Tacoma with his mother.
1918-1919 travelling salesman.
1923 Living in Billings, Montana.