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Gabriel Wormser (1830 - 1904)
Fanny Kaufman Alfred Wormser Sigmund Wormser Emma Wormser Thekla Wormser Bertha Wormser Gudella (Ella) Wormser Abraham Wormser Samuel Isaac Guggenheim Isaac Samuel (Sanwill) Guggenheim Wife of Isaac Samuel (Sanwill) Guggenheim Elkele Simon Cahn Simon Cahn Wife of Simon Cahn Gutele Heyum Heyum Lemle Dots (Tezele, Therese) Gabriel
Gabriel Wormser
b. 20 Mar 1830 at Aldingen, Germany
m. 1858 Fanny Kaufman (1837 - 1918)
d. 24 Dec 1904 at Cannstatt, Germany aged 74
Events in Gabriel Wormser (1830 - 1904)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
20 Mar 1830 Gabriel Wormser was born Aldingen, Germany
24 Dec 1904 74 Gabriel Wormser died Cannstatt, Germany
Personal Notes:
Possible birth date 2 (Mar 1830). Possible date of death 26 (Dec 1904).