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Felix (Fritz) Blumenfeld (1873 - 1942)
? Wertheim Scholem Blumenfeld Abraham Blumenfeld Giedel Strauss Hone (Haune) Strauss Dussel Lowenstein Cecilie Erlanger
Felix (Fritz) Blumenfeld
b. 02 May 1873 at Giessen, Germany
m. ? Wertheim
d. 25 Nov 1942 aged 69
Events in Felix (Fritz) Blumenfeld (1873 - 1942)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
02 May 1873 Felix (Fritz) Blumenfeld was born Giessen, Germany
25 Nov 1942 69 Felix (Fritz) Blumenfeld died
Personal Notes:
Because of his father's business problems, he was brought up by his grandmother Rosa Erlanger (born Wertheim) in Marburg.
Pediatrician in Kassel. Married his cousin.
Committed suicide.