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Alexander Futran (1877 - 1920)
Gertrude Alexandrovitch Alfred Futran Edward Futran
Alexander Futran
+= Alfred Futran
Alfred Futran
b. 26 Jul 1877 at Odessa, Ukraine
m. Gertrude Alexandrovitch
d. 21 Mar 1920 at Berlin, Germany aged 42
Events in Alexander Futran (1877 - 1920)'s life
Date Age Event Place Src
26 Jul 1877 Alexander Futran was born Odessa, Ukraine
21 Mar 1920 42 Alexander Futran died Berlin, Germany
Burial Berlin-Lichtenburg, Germany
Personal Notes:
Shot dead in Berlin-Koppenick during the Kapp-putsch. There is a monument to him there and a square named after him.

is from an article "Der Köpenicker Blutsonntag vom 21. März 1920".